The Old School is an Independent International School providing an English language education to UK standard, GCE and A Level.

We are a co-educational day school providing English curriculum studies for students aged 11 - 19 years. To complement the classrooms we offer sports facilities, theatre / stage space and recreational areas on our extended campus within the village.

The Old School aims to provide a positive and supportive learning environment. With a commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence, attaching a high value to creativity, imagination, and the quest for knowledge and understanding.

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Welcome to
The Old School

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We are a friendly caring school where children enjoy their learning in a safe and happy environment.

At The Old School we have much to be proud about.

Hopefully this website will begin to share some of the great work that is happening here.

The Old School specialises in positive education outcomes for young people and families making the transition from English speaking countries to France.

We have an impressive track record enabling students to continue their academic studies and achieve the very best results.

The key stage 3 and key stage 4 curriculum places equal importance on wellbeing, emotional intelligence and academic achievement.

At The Old School, we view every young person as an individual and tailor make bespoke education packages to address their needs.

J S Bailey MA
Director of Learning

GCSE and A level Music courses for young people (12+) and adults

One weekend each month, students come to the school to complete their Music coursework and take guidance and teaching, in order to prepare for the GCSE or A level Music examinations.   

updates to May - June Examination Timetables
posted on Exam Page  

Latest News

Exam Results

GCE A level results will be available on Thursday 17th August from 9am.

iGCSE and GCSE results will be available on Thursday 24th August from 9am.

All students local to the school are encouraged to collect their provisional statement of results in person on the day.

All students who live further away can telephone the school on 0553642497 from 9am, however, please be aware that the phone may be engaged.



The Old School is an independent international Collège and Lycée, recognised by the Academie de Bordeaux RNE 0471040A.

The Old School specialises in positive education outcomes for children, young people and families.

The qualified specialist team at The Old School place equal share on maintaining academic achievement and the development of emotional intelligence, personal and social education. This approach underpins the professional strategies to assist children, young people and families when making the transition to France.

The Old School is not just about academic success, although it is a high achieving school. The focus is on the holistic needs of the learner. An underlying philosophy is happiness in education. An open and transparent approach, where staff work for, and on behalf of, children, young people and families. This cooperative and empowering professional relationship enables success and high achievement.

Whilst the teaching is in English, The Old School is committed to social cohesion and is fully embedded within its local French community. This unique opportunity allows meaningful and real cultural experiences, assistance from reliable sources to enable successful relocation, language development and genuine cultural experiences.

True education empowers the individual to effect positive change. Education challenges prejudice, hatred, and enables empathy and positive emotional intelligence to achieve success.

The Old School is an approved Edexcel examination centre, with facilities for external students to take iGCSE, GCSE and A level examinations whilst in France. We are proud of our consistently excellent examination results.

New Developments:

We are delighted to announce that The Old School is expanding because of the recognised, increased demand from families relocating to France.

In addition to our high achieving Art & Design school we are pleased to announce, from September 2017, the launch of new departments.

The Old School Prep
Primary and Key stage 3 preparatory studies

School of Modern Foreign Languages
Accreditation offered: International GCSE, A level and International A Level

School of Art & Design, Performance and Music
Accreditation offered: GCSE and A Level

School of Maths, Science and Technology
Accreditation offered: International GCSE, A level and International A Level

School of Humanities
Accreditation offered: International GCSE, A level and International A Level

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Aidez vos enfants à apprendre l’anglais par l’intermédiaire de la musique, des jeux, de l’expression théâtrale et de l’art plastique

Des séances ludiques et créatives en anglais pour les enfants, les jeunes et les adultes

Découvrir la langue de Shakespeare grâce à la culture et à l’art contemporains

Développement linguistique, social et personnel à l’aide de la créativité
Nous sommes ouverts et accessibles pour développer des ateliers et des leçons qui peuvent aider chacun à améliorer son niveau en anglais


British in France

We are a member of BCC

The British Community Committee (BCC) represents the British Community in France. It acts as the umbrella organisation of British associations in France at national level. Founded in 1937 the BCC was first registered as a Loi 1901 association on 1 July 1939.

More details here   


Bryan Greetham is a Philosopher who we have spoken with and who will be coming to the school to present to the students in the next couple of months.

More details here   

The Theatre School

Spring Term at The Old School, St Colomb de Lauzun

Come to Theatre School and feature in our show!

A challenging and fun term of intensive workshops in music, drama and dance, culminating in a performance at the end of the term. You will be involved in producing and starring in a professional-quality theatre production.

Get full details here   

Learn Spanish

Starting in September 2016, at The Old School:

Spanish for Beginners

Spanish for holidays

Advanced Spanish

Please get in touch if you are interested in these courses. contact >>

Distance Learning Programmes

For students already enrolled in College or Lycée, who wish to supplement their Brevet and Baccalaureate studies. read more >>

Boarding Opportunity

We have limited places available to those wishing to board
Monday to Thursday, with local vetted bilingual families

Special Educational Needs

statement updated: …  

Attendance Policy

statement updated: …  
Absence notification and Leave request form is with our Attendance Policy


We're in The News

7 December 2016 - Christmas 2016     read the article here     or see the pdf here

31 August 2016 - English School Success !     read the article here     or see the pdf here


Examination Centre

As an Edexcel approved examination centre The Old School will be running IGCSE/GCSE and A level examinations in May and June 2017 and would like to invite external candidates to access these examinations without the need to return to the UK.
Edexcel centre number 90241

Tel.: 05 53 64 24 97

The Old School
St Colomb de Lauzun