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Inauguration of The Old School expansion to Monbahus with Monsieur Gary

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Following the recent UK government announcement, it is our understanding that GCSE and A level exams will not go ahead as normal.

We are awaiting guidance from OFQUAL and Edexcel and we will update all candidates and families when we have clear information.

First official update from Edexcel regarding GCSE and A level exams.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email

Facebook messenger or on 0033553406054 (9am to 4pm French time) for further information regarding exam entries.

Latest News

Happy new year to one and all from all of us at The Old School, we are all looking forward to a new start and a year full of reasons for optimism and potential in every single one of us. 

2020 brought us all many unforeseen challenges, which were admirably met by everybody. Despite this, the school has grown into it's new premises at Monbahus, welcoming many new families and continuing the development of its wide and diverse network of community support. We are very much looking forward to the new beginnings that 2021 will bring. 

Our long awaited new Practical Science Lab is now ready to launch for the new term. This facility will be made available to anybody interested in science, discovery and exploration. Our French, English and Spanish language provisions are continuing to expand into new communes, for all age groups and to the wider business world. 

Distance learning will continue to grow and flourish throughout the new year as OSF Online provides quality global education options for 'classroomers' and 'classzoomers', to access real time classes in all subjects, at all levels, wherever the learner may be in the world. For students wishing to pursue university applications this year, we have increased our guidance provision to include not just British universities but the wider network of English speaking degree courses available globally. The Old School continues to embrace positive, supportive partnerships with students, parents, teachers and stakeholders, to effect change as we enter into 2021 together.

We take great pride in all of our available resources and facilities as well as providing the best possible education, care and safety for all of our students while we continue to fight the global pandemic. There is definitely a strong sense of optimism and positivity amongst the community as things hopefully begin to pick up as the year goes on.

Enjoy the last days of the holidays, we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th January. 

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St Colomb de Lauzun 05 53 64 24 97
Monbahus 05 53 40 60 54
Mobile & text 06 27 57 11 27

Please get in touch if you would like to enrol in our classes and groups.

GCSE Art & Design
Our students are following the exam criteria as set by Pearson Edexcel.

GCSE Art & Design (9-1) is a 100% taught course (unit 1) with an externally set assignment in yr 2 (Unit 2).   

GCSE and A level Music courses for young people (12+) and adults

One weekend each month, students come to the school to complete their Music coursework and take guidance and teaching, in order to prepare for the GCSE or A level Music examinations.   

Art & Design Saturday Workshops

Attend the French education system, but feel your children could excel in the Arts?

Fitting this around the weekly schedule of any Collégien or Lycéen is difficult, which is why, for the past two years, we have run our monthly Art & Design workshops on a Saturday, achieving amazing results.

The course starts on 17th September, however, students can start mid term, throughout the school year.

Theatre School Autumn Term

A challenging and fun term of intensive workshops in music, drama and dance, culminating in an end of term performance.

Welcome to
The Old School

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Welcome back to the new academic term.

2020 has been an unusual year in many ways.

In an ever changing world, I am pleased to announce that throughout these challenging times, we have found positive solutions and some benefits. It is particularly pleasing The Old School maintained a full curriculum, for all age groups throughout the confinement period. Students and teachers became proficient and professional with the new use of technology to address the academic requirements and needs of the learners. On-screen learning has now become embedded in our daily practice. Many students are now joining physical daily classes in a remote way. Enabling safe high-quality education.

In this difficult year The Old School has maintained its high standards. GCSE and A level results have been in line with our previous excellent academic performance.

The school has continued to build on positive community action. The expansion, which now includes premises in Monbahus, enables us to offer a more diverse and wider curriculum.
2020 has seen the growth of new adult education opportunities in the areas of French language and literature studies, art and design, fashion and garment construction and French cultural history.

As we look forward to 2021 the school is keen to fulfil the projects that were put on hold during confinement. These include the development of a practical science lab, catering and cooking facilities (for the introduction of domestic science as a GCSE) and business English for French professionals.

The Old School continues to build on its successes. Staff, students and all involved look forward to the new opportunities that 2021 will bring.

Joel Bailey

Danièle Birchall

Horaires du bureau

Office hours

8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday

8h30 à 16h du lundi au vendredi

Telephone :
05 53 40 60 54 Monbahus
05 53 64 24 97 St Colomb de Lauzun
06 26 57 11 27 portable/sms


Beyond Covid 19

Before the current event, during and long after, we have and will continue to provide Distance Learning, for those that choose to Home School, or prefer to Home Study for their own enrichment.

Learn more about Distance Learning

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Aidez vos enfants à apprendre l’anglais par l’intermédiaire de la musique, des jeux, de l’expression théâtrale et de l’art plastique

Des séances ludiques et créatives en anglais pour les enfants, les jeunes et les adultes

Découvrir la langue de Shakespeare grâce à la culture et à l’art contemporains

Développement linguistique, social et personnel à l’aide de la créativité
Nous sommes ouverts et accessibles pour développer des ateliers et des leçons qui peuvent aider chacun à améliorer son niveau en anglais


Examination Centre


As an Edexcel approved examination centre The Old School will be running IGCSE/GCSE and A level examinations in May and June and would like to invite external candidates to access these examinations without the need to return to the UK.

Edexcel centre number 90241


47410 St Colomb de Lauzun
05 53 40 60 54

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