Special Educational Needs


Provision for students with special educational needs/ or disabilities

The Old School has a robust system in place to meet the needs and requirements of young people who have particular needs.
We are committed to the well being of our student community, including the social skills, behaviour for learning and emotional skills needed to become an effective learner, resilient member of a school system and of the wider community here in France.

The team recognises the importance of the support often needed during the transition process from country to country, primary to secondary education or from one education system to another.
Managing change can be challenging for young people. For many, it can be a difficult time that requires additional resilience and maturity in order adapt to a new social, cultural environment or learning provision.

Individual support is always available at our school from our professional team which includes our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, an Educational Psychologist, Therapists, Senior Youth Development practitioner and Health professionals.

All teachers have a wide experience of inclusion practice.

The Old School can arrange screening tests for; ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalcula, motor coordination and Examination Access Arrangements, as outlined by the Joint Council for Qualifications guidelines, so any Special Requirements are accommodated and students are not disadvantaged by their specific needs.



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