An explanation of the Exam Fee cost

The figures quoted for examination entry fees by Pearson Edexcel are purely for the registration and enrolment of each individual candidate per exam unit.
The Old School, Create to educate centre 90241 has carefully and accurately assessed and updated the exam entry fees for each unit.

Please find the following carrying charges that the school incurs to provide the examinations here in France and in order that we fully comply with the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) legal requirements:

  • Administration of entry, distribution of statements of entry, responding to emails, amending entries.
  • IT provision and maintenance to our examination entry portal.
  • Raising invoices, answering queries.
  • Management of exam entry payments.
  • Provision of mock exam papers from Pearson Edexcel.
  • Teacher/subject specialist, marking of mock exam papers outside of classroom learning.
  • Standardisation of mock exams by internal subject specialists x 2.
  • Recorded delivery postage of each script to Pearson Edexcel.
  • Uploading and downloading of secure files for individual exams.
  • Transport and time required to send scripts via nearest open post office (including Saturday mornings).
  • Reception and safekeeping of exam papers, maintenance of secure area and adequate sized safe.
  • Modifications to safe room, exam centre to comply with Joint Council for Qualifications requirements.
  • Annual training for staff to invigilate and keep up to date with Instructions for Conducting Examinations document (JCQ Requirement).
  • Preparation of exam room prior to and then after each exam to accommodate different subjects and number of candidates.
  • Invigilation of every minute and hour of every exam, plus reception and check in of each candidate.
  • Oral exams recorded and registered correctly and professionally, provision of the necessary up to date equipment needed, technical assistance required ( another invigilator), recorded delivery of recordings to all UK moderators.
  • Examiner preparation and administration of topics and photos for all oral examinations.
  • Moderation visit, flights, accommodation, subsistence, collection/return to airport.
  • Preparation and dismantling of the Art & Design entries for marking, standardisation and moderation by 2 x qualified subject specialists.
  • Marking and grading time for moderated subjects (coursework). Standardisation of grades by by 2 x qualified subject specialists.
  • Preparation of timetables, management of room moves, preparation of exam rooms, maintaining exam conditions within the school.
  • Ongoing continued professional development and training for teachers in each subject regarding updates on changes to individual exam requirements.
  • Management of results, delivery of results (often during school holidays). Administration of reception and distributing certificates to candidates. Postage of certificates, transport to post office.
  • Inspection visit costs.
  • Ongoing and regular training sessions for all subject specialists, approximately 5hrs per academic yr per subject.
  • Ongoing and regular training sessions for the exams officer and invigilators (approximately 10hrs per academic year).

From 2019 until 2022 our exam fees for iGCSE and each GCE unit remained at €150, €180 for iGCSE oral examinations.
Because of the increased costs relating to all of the above carrying stages of examination administration and preparation, The Old School have carried out a further cost analysis of the price increases relating to providing examinations. Our previous fees no longer cover our costs for the current examination series that we are about to enter.


Examination Centre

The Old School provides iGCSE, GCSE and A level examinations for our day school and online students. We also welcome home educated students to sit their examinations in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Many of our candidates are studying at a local College or Lycée and choose to supplement their Brevet and Baccalaureat courses with iGCSE English, Maths and French, in order to support UCAS applications to UK universities and further study in other English speaking countries.

If your child has been enrolled in the French education system for a minimum of 3 yrs and is aged 13+, we are delighted to welcome them to sit their iGCSE French exams in May 2022

Subject Fee Exam Dates
iGCSE French 225 Euros to be announced
iGCSE Maths 200 Euros to be announced
iGCSE English 200 Euros to be announced

For GCSE and A level exams please contact us for fees and dates.

Please find the booking form, to be completed and sent to the school with payment by cheque made out to ‘The Old School’ or by bank transfer (R.I.B. supplied).

Please email giving the candidates: full name, date of birth, address and contact telephone number, in order to be entered for these exams.

Edexcel Centre number 90241

The Old School provide GCSE, International GCSE, A levels and International A level examinations for the following subjects:

English Language
English Literature

Business Studies
Art & Design
Global Citizenship
Computer Science

Your child can enter for examinations as an external candidate, if your child is following a homeschool programme, or maybe they're following English studies in addition to their Brevet or Baccalaureat.

We can help your child to sit exams in France, with minimal disruption and maximum focus.


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