GCSE and A level Art & Design courses for young people (12+) and adults

Understanding advanced and higher level Art & Design, suitable for aspiring GCSE and A Level Art and Design students

Our students consistently achieve the highest results (A* to B) and fulfil the requirements in advanced studies for entrance into further education.

Art at the old school
photograph of Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey

Led by Joel Bailey who is a specialist creative educator, teacher and practicing artist, with 27 years experience. Joel graduated from the University of Creative Arts and undertook post graduate studies at Brunel University then gained his Master of Arts degree at Canterbury Christchurch. Joel has a long and secure track record in delivering GCSE, AS and A level Art & Design and Fine Art courses accredited by Edexcel.


This year we are running workshops for serious artists to gain an insight into the requirements for advanced study in art & design. The aim of the workshops is to enhance the drawing and creative skills of GCSE and A Level art and design students. Our workshops help students to have confidence in their own feelings, build on existing aspirations and identify and solve problems and encourage their own personal creativity. Joel will suggest ways in which students might develop ideas and help them focus on the technical skills required to achieve them.

We encourage students to work in all mediums: watercolour, oil paint, acrylics, soft pastels, charcoal, graphite etc. We welcome all levels of ability: professional artists, experienced amateurs and complete beginners.

Our aim

is to provide a monthly full day, where the students come to the school to complete their Art & Design portfolios and take guidance and teaching from Joel, in order for them to prepare to enter into the GCSE or A level Art & Design examinations.

We are increasingly contacted by families whose children attend the French education system but who feel that their children would excel in the Arts if they could be taught the subject in addition to their regular school studies. Fitting this round the weekly schedule of any Collegien or Lyceen is difficult which is why we have come up with the monthly solution.

photo of Joel in Art Class


The focussed teaching days are as follows:

17 September 2019
12 October 2019
09 November 2019
14 December 2019

11 January 2020
15 February 2020
14 March 2020
04 April 2020
16 May 2020
06 June 2020


There will be a fee of 150 Euros per GCSE unit entry to the exams, there are two units, therefore the exam fees are 300 Euros per student. For GCE A level, please note that the examination entry fees total €600.

We make the entries in February, however the exam title is published in January and Joel will ask the student to start to think about their ideas and responses for the exam.

The 50 taught hours, indicated above, are an estimation of the time needed for an external student to produce enough quality work, in preparation for the examination. We reserve the right to recommend additional workshops if we feel the student is not ready to be entered for this examination.

GCSE and A level Art & Design examinations will take place on 23rd and 24th April 2019 at The Old School. Allocated slot - 9am to 5pm, times tbc.

The celebration of the course and presentation of art work for moderation takes place towards the end of May or beginning of June 2016. Date TBC.

All students will have access to Joel for development and teaching by phone or Skype and will have the opportunity to attend the focussed GCSE and A level workshops once a month.



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